Computer Full Form

Computer Full Form is new topic of this site, People of all ages and traditions around the world are quite familiar with the term called ‘COMPUTER.’ However, not all know exactly what a computer is meant to do and what exactly is meant by a computer.

In simpler terms the computer is a mechanical device that is programmed to do arithmetic calculations and process data. Then the device generates the desired output to the user.

The very first computer in the world was massive in terms of size. With the advancement of technology this has come down to the tiniest and slimmest devices these days. To know more about the full form of computer read on.


Computer Full Form

Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education & Research. However the origin of the word ‘computer’ means to ‘compute’ which in turn means to ‘calculate.’ As mentioned earlier the computer processes data by running some calculations that it is programmed to perform and then produces an output on it.

These days’ people have made various meanings in order to remember the word. The ‘COMPUTER’ also can be expanded as Common Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education & Research. It keeps changing as per its usage and the newer batches who decide to expand it. Here is Computer Full Form is below :-

C Commonly
O Operation
M Machine
P Particularly
U Used for
T Technical
E Educational
R Research

Types of Computers:

There are various types of computers again, as mentioned earlier. These were first huge First Gen Computers that only governments and large offices could obtain.

These required a lot of space to house them and were also expensive to maintain. Remember, this was the first type based on calculations. They could not do much more than that. Then the next fair version of the computer came.

These were called the Second Gen Computers that could process more data and give better output. These could perform operations like Input, Output, Process Data, Store, and Control.

They were slightly smaller in size and gave way to the Third Gen Computer. The present day computers from the 1980s to the late 1990s were the Fourth Gen computers that were known as the ‘Personal Computer.’ They were given this term as they could fit on top a table.

full form of computer

Others are Micro Computers, Notebooks, Laptops, etc. Some of the top computer manufacturing companies today includes IBM, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc.

There are now latest stick computers that can be simply plugged into a monitor screen that has the supporting connective port. So let us learn about the different types of computers in the present generation.

Computer in Today’s World:

There are various types of latest computers emerging in the market. After the Personal Computer that could be used at home or at office, then the laptop came. These could be carried around and are used for those on the go.

Travelers can carry these systems around to be able to do work without having to be at a place. Today computers can also be used for entertainment purposes like watching TV through the net, online streaming, etc.

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