Full Form of BMW

The full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke which is a German name and in English it is known as Bavarian Motor Works. This BMW is a German Company that mainly manufactures the Motorcycles and automobiles.

This BMW is also known as BMW AG, this BMW has a specific brand that produces motorcycles called BMW Motorrad.BMW is the German Company which manufactures luxury automobiles and the engine manufacturing company that was founded by the back in year 1916, the head quarters of this company BMW is located in Munich, Bavaria in Germany.

This BMW Company has been producing the motorcycles since 1923. This brand is specifically known for the luxury vehicles and automobiles. This is also a brand name of BMW Group, which owns BMW, MINI COOPER and Rolls-Royce Motor car brands already.

This company BMW mainly focuses on the premium sector of the International market. This brand BMW attained massive popularity in the whole world because of its services which includes most quality in both the cars and motorcycles.

The interesting thing about BMW is that it will be considered as the status symbol in so many countries and the way of publishing this specific car in ads to its popularity is another level.

Full Form of BMW

Full Form of BMW

So Full Form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke, Let us know some more about this car. You may know that it is well known to every car lover about the richest Rolls-Royce, however this will be very interesting to know about the BMW that it is the Parent Company of the famed Rolls-Royce Motor cars which are the standard symbols for the luxury.

As per the records that are reporting that BMW is one of the best selling luxury automobile sellers in the world when it is compared to every other luxury automobile manufactures.

It is said that BMW is not an abbreviated team, but it is the world which comprises of an amazing past, present and a good future in it. Not only one thing, but many things in the BMW will make the car as the most desirable car in the world with crores of users.

History of BMW

This history about BMW will reflects on the facts, incidents and relevant circumstances that will actually cause the existence of anything, hence it must be known to everyone before proceeding further to contemporary status of writing.

This history about BMW is to understand the people about its royal and glorious journey from a mere car manufacturer to a world class manufacturer in the luxury automobile makers.

It will be a very interesting journey to know about BMW which started its journey in 20th century. This BMW was actually initiated by restructuring an aircraft engine machine in the company called as Rapp Motorenwerke.

It was before the First World War that Rapp Motorenwerke is actually producing the aircraft engines, later after following several instructions BMW was founded in the year 1917. The BMW had produced some of the most remarkable and powerful aircraft engines after getting the lifting instructions. Dixi is the car that was the first and ever car made by the BMW and is successful car that was manufactured and launched by BMW.

BMW car

BMW produced some of the successful engines at the time of Second World War; they were the BMW 132 and BMW 801. This company got so much fame at that time of world war because those engines were heavily used by the people at the world war time, then this company BMW became the most reputed and the well noted company.

The first history that brought the fame to the company was the airplane engine that was manufactured by BMW which actually contributed the altitude that hold the record of 32,000 feet, later it was shifted to focus on automobiles and motorcycles.

Production of BMW

This brand name actually strikes about the knowledge of the Company. Forbes declared this Company BMW as the most reputable Company ever in the year 2012.

It will tell us about the extensive work of cars from the Company BMW around the world. BMW came with a well established of the brand with various attempts and the company presence is almost felt everywhere in the world.

As per the records that were produced in the year 2006, it is known that BMW has produced the huge number of cars that is said to 1,366,838 cars and the number was hugely increased for the next year and is said about 1,481,253. In the year 2010, the BMW Company has produced 112,271 motorcycles.

As per the reports from the overall, around 56 percent of the cars that were produced by BMW will use petrol engines and the remaining 44 percent of cars will use Diesel engines.

Sponsorships by BMW

BMW sponsors for many teams and companies, it is the active sponsor for football team of Bundesliga football club called Eintracht Frankfurt. BMW also sponsor for the London Olympics in the year 2012. This Company also made an agreement with the United States Olympic Committee in the year 2010.

BMW India was established in the year of 2006 as a sales subsidiary in Gurgaon. There is an Assembly plant established in Chennai of Tamil Nadu by BMW that produces the BMW 3 Series,

BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series and Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper Countryman, Mini Cooper D etc., Yanase Co. Ltd in Japan is the official retailer of the imported BMW models in India.

Luxury cars from BMW are 1 series –

  • F20 and F21 series,
  • 2 Series –
  • F22 and F45 series,

BMW i3 which is an electric car with so luxurious options, BMW i# which is a hybrid sports car. Along with these cars there are some cars in the 3 series, 4 series and 5 series of BMW which are suitable for the luxury.

BMW has set itself as the luxurious automobile makers and now it is in the third position over all the other automobile industries in the world. This company has bagged the records for its speed, altitude and it has a huge reputation all over the world on its brand.

The interesting thing about the head quarters of BMW in Munich is very popular historically also, that the amazing architectural design of the building represents the 4 cylinder like a car engine structure

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