GSM full form

GSM full form is (Global System for Mobile Communication) is the second generation of the standards of Digital Mobile Telephone which uses the variation of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). This GSM is the one of most used wireless networks in the leading networks CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access),

GSM and TDMA. This Global System for Mobile Communication compresses the voice data and digitizes data, later it sends the data to down through a channel which has two other streams of the user data and each will lie in its own time spot. This will be gets operated either at 900, 1800 or 1900MHz frequency bands.

This Global System for Mobile Communication was initially developed by the collaboration of pan-European and this intended to the mobile roaming enabled between the countries to another country. Talking about the March of 2003 these GSM digital services of wireless are offered in some form in over 193 countries.

As per the reports of June in 2002, the users for the GSM and the subscriptions in the world are stated as 69%. This proves that the usage of the GSM wireless network is more than using the any other network because of its features. So this is full form of gsm or GSM full form let us read some more about this.

GSM full form in detail

GSM full form

The Technical details of Global System for mobile Communication are usually divided into three broad parts which consists of sub parts. Firstly, the subscriber carries the mobile station. The base station of the substation will control the links of radio with the whole mobile station is the second broad part.

The network system that is present in this subsystem will acts and performs with the switching of calls between all the mobile users and the other users along with the fixed network users.

Global System for Mobile Communication Architecture

This GSM is the wireless mobile network that will connect the mobile phones by searching the devices with the immediate action. This GSM is a type of Network which will be divided into different cells and each cell will be served by a own antenna,

Transceiver and it will be allocated with a band of frequencies that will be obviously dissimilar in the adjacent cells to avoid the distortion in the single cells and this is called as the mobile network.

GSM full form

In General, the basic Architecture of the GSM consists of the,

  1. Mobile Station
  2. Base station Subsystem
  3. Network Switching Subsystem
  4. Operator Support Subsystem

Along with these, the GSM Architecture also has the additional components of the GSM architecture, this comprises of the database and the functions of the messaging system.

  1. Home Location Register (HLR)
  2. Visitor Location Register (VLR)
  3. Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
  4. Authentication Center (AuC)
  5. SMS Serving Center (SMS SC)
  6. Gateway MSC (GMSC)
  7. Chargeback Center (CBC)
  8. Transcoder and Adaptation Unit (TRAU)

Advantages and Dis-advantages of GSM

Coming to the advantages of GSM wireless mobile network, there are many service providers and a huge number of handsets are available in market in respective to the GSM network than any other network. This is given the huge priority because of the services it is providing for its users along with the service.

These GSM networks will come in flexible rates that can even be afforded by a low level person, they come with many plans and many rates that will be cheaper and with variable options.

These GSM network service providers will offer the low cost calls to the users along with the free messaging facility along with some limited free calls. It is known and proved that the quality of calling is better in GSM than CDMA and more over it is very securable than the other networks.

The GSM is a perfect choice because of the availability of many value-added services like the GPRS and other facilities are making the GSM to be in No 1 position.

The consumption of the battery power in the specific mobile device is low when it is compared with the other networks that will consume more power to work under a device. It allows the user to use the mobile device anywhere in the world with the tri-band system that is present in GSM networks.

Now coming to the Dis-advantages by the GSM, it is said that the unit charge for roaming is much higher in GSM networks than in the CDMA network. It is said that the calls that are made with the GSM are tampered through the GSM using mobiles.

The main dis-advantage with the GSM is that the individual authentication keys of the specific user will be stored in the respective authentication centers. There is a chance to manipulate the data for any person who has the rights to access the authentication.

Differences between GSM and CDMA

Both the Global System for Mobile Communication and the Code Division Multiple Access are the two dominant technologies for the mobile communication. However, there are some differences between these two networks in the technology, use and security factors along with the data transfer speeds.

In Technology, the CDMA is based on the Spread Spectrum Technology which will make the optimal use of bandwidth. On the other side GSM uses the wedge spectrum which is called as the Carrier.

In the Security, more security is available in the CDMA network than the GSM, this is because of the encryption is involved in the CDMA network and this will provide the unique code to every user that will provide more security. GSM has to increase its encryption technology to make the network more security in operating.

The spectrum frequencies of the GSM network operates in the frequency level of 850 MHz and 1900 MHz, on the other side CDMA network operates the spectrum level on the 850 Mhz and the 1900 Mhz.

As per the Global records, the GSM network is said that it has been used by over 80% of the world as their mobile network in over the 210 countries when it is compared to the CDMA.


The CDMA network is also used exclusively in the United States and this is not supported in Europe, this CDMA is used by 24% of users when it is compared with GSM. Finally thanks for visit full form of gsm or gsm full form article, Hope now you can understand about gsm full form.

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