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Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham is ISIS Full Form which is popularly called as ISIS is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. With its frequent activities of merciless killing of many innocents in various parts of the world its name has become a household name. The group was founded in 1999 by Abu Musab al-Zaraqawi.

It has established its ruling very strongly in the countries like Iraq and Syria and has brought everything under its control in those areas. If you are wondering how ISIS has formed and what is its motive then you have to read on this article to get complete details about this treacherous group of the world. So let me show with some interesting point about What do you mean by Isis? and also What do the letters in Isis stand for?.

ISIS Full Form

ISIS Full Form and Origin of ISIS

ISIS Full Form is Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham Though the group was founded in 1999, it made its name echoed in the entire world in 2004. At first it used to be called as al Qaeda in Iraq, which is later renamed as ISIS. It is an accomplice to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda group and has same line of work.

The main motive of the ISIS is to establish an independent Islamic state in the region. Unlike al Qaeda, ISIS is crueler and has taken many innocent lives in the territory it owned.

full form of isis

What ISIS has in its control?

ISIS has spread its wings faster than any other terrorist group. It has slowly occupied large areas on both sides of Iraq and Syria border. In 2014, a caliphate was declared which is lead by an Islamic leader, who is said to be a religious successor to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad Abdullah.

Albeit ISIS occupied much of the land in Syria, most of the land has been taken back by the government troops in 2016. ISIS has its hand in many of the disasters occurred around the globe. Though it has lost a part of the territory, the power it has got hasn’t been slashed down yet.

ISIS is held responsible for many terror attacks that took place in various parts of the world. It has its hands in hundreds of attacks in which thousands and thousands of innocent people have been killed. It attacked the people in almost 29 countries other than Iraq and Syria.

Revenue of ISIS

Most of the territory it has occupied includes oil fields. They are the main and rich source of income for ISIS. The oil produced in the oil fields will be diverted into black markets by ISIS for sale. It is assumed by the experts that the oil fields will earn up to $3 million each day.

Other than oil fields, it is involved in many illegal activities to make revenue. The activities include smuggling, tax collection, receiving ransoms from kidnapping, selling stolen artifacts, selling women slaves who are captivated etc.

Main Motive of ISIS

The main motive of ISIS is to emerge as an independent Islamic state. Many people join ISIS troops and carry out secret missions like explosions and mass killing etc in various countries.

Though ISIS is a Muslim militant group and claims that it follows the words of Allah, many Muslims disregard the group and consider them anti-Islam. ISIS aims at creating an Islamic state in the name of Caliphate in Iraq, Syria and in other parts of the world.

The group runs as per Sharia Law that used to be followed in 8th century of Islam to lay foundation to a society that reflects the ancient living. To achieve its goal of establishing its own Islamic state, it goes to any length. It conducts public executions to keep people of captivated areas in control.

It is majorly known for its brutal treatment of girls and kids. It takes away the lands and turns the people living in those areas as slaves. Most of the people who have been thrown in slavery by ISIS are women and children of Yazidi community. Thousands of women, young girls and children were tortured and sexually assaulted by the ISIS troops so far.

What ISIS mainly targets?

After know isi mark full form lets know some about it’s target, ISIS mainly targets youth and teenagers. It uses social media platform to do so. Thousands of young Muslims from different parts of the world are joining ISIS every year.

Other than younglings, many religious extremists and experienced fighters of Syrian Army joined hands with ISIS and make it much stronger in recent times.

ISIS uses social media to promote the religion and its aim to establish an individual Islamic State. It mainly recruits people from Western Europe. It provides immense training to the recruited people and puts them into fight.

Many recruited will be trained by ISIS and will return to their home to execute plans as per ISIS. Few receive training online and will execute ‘Jihad’ in their own native places. It uploads many videos of the training sessions in online.

It uses the religion to attract the masses and makes them believe that ‘Jihad’ is the ultimate heaven. It mainly targets those who are vexed with the system and who are looking for other ways to sustain in life. It targets religious extremists and suggests them to fight for Islam. Many younglings have joined ISIS leaving their family, job, and hometown.

Attacks of ISIS

ISIS uses hi-tech machinery and guns to carry out attacks in various parts of the world. It uses vehicles as explosives and suicide bombers to make conduct killing in rush areas. It has conducted 143 attacks so far in 29 countries which killed about 2, 043 innocent people.

It not just conducted the terrorist attacks in Iraq and Syria, but also in many other countries it things as enemies. After the attack happens, ISIS declares its hand behind the attack. There are many other attacks that were carried out by other groups inspired by ISIS.

ISIS has carried out attacks in many countries like Paris, America, India, Russia, Istanbul, France, Germany, Africa etc. ISIS also uploads videos of beheadings of many innocent people who stay under its captivity.

It has uploaded numerous massive beheading videos in online which have become main source of inspiration for many Muslim youth to join ISIS. here some more about full form of ISIS or ISIS Full Form and What does Isis stand for Wikipedia?

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