MBBS Full Form

MBBS full form is bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is a form of degree that is acquainted by the students as the official undergraduate degree from the medical schools/ colleges/universities. This certificate form degree allows the students to enter in the medical profession and is very important degree to possess by the student seeking to set their career in medical.

The students shed huge efforts in attaining the degree of MBBS and this is not an easy task at all.  Full concentration, dedication and hard work are required by the students appearing for the MBBS degree. If we have a look at the Latin acronym for MBBS, it is Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirugiae.

The students who aspire to become a doctor go for the MBBS course program and give the exams conducted under it in order to secure good results which will further take the profession to another level and get the degree of being the doctor.

MBBS Full Form

MBBS Full Form with MBBS course, entrance exam, eligibility criteria and requirements:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is full form of mbbs, The AIIMS – All India institute of Medical sciences conducts the entrance exam every year allowing the students to get the admission in the MBBBS courses the competition is very huge every year as there are lakhs of students who take part in the entrance exam.

This entrance Exam is mostly conducted by the central university and state except for some states like Tamil Nadu that has abolished the entrance exam in their state. Rest of the country this exam is conducted for the bright future of the students. The entrance test consists of subject’s physics, chemistry and Biology and the students must prepare all the subjects well to secure good results.

Talking about the MBBS course duration, the MBBS Course duration is 5 years and 6months. It is a full fledge course and the entire structure is based on a schedule and it has to be followed. The first 4 and half years is the study material class room and the rest one year is the practice internship session.

It’s the time where the students will implement in the form of practical what they have studied for the entire course. The students seeking to get seats in the MBBS courses should also make sure that they qualify the eligibility criteria of the admission in the course.

The students applying for the MBBS course should complete 17 years of age as per the date of the admission and must be 12th class pass from any of the higher secondary examination or the senior school certificate Examination with a minimum of 60 percent of marks in subjects like English, physics, chemistry and Biology.  If all these eligibility criteria are fulfilled by the students, only then can get the chance to take part for the MBBS course.

MBBS Full Form

Practice part of the students with the degree of MBBS:

There is no second thought that the student once opted for the MBBS course should lend in full concentration and hard work. After gearing up all the knowledge of the material part the students will first go for the clinical practice. It’s the time where the students get to implement what they studied in the practical form. It’s like “practice what you preach” period.

The students can easily get started with the clinical practices either in the government or the private sector and this is also called the internship period where the students can join the government hospitals working on the full time basis or a per the contract basis. Is it totally up to the students.

The students holding with the MBBS degree can also choose to open their own clinic if they don’t want to go with the clinical practice session. But it is advisable yet beneficial for the students to take the clinical practice session as the challenge and thereby get good carrier chances from then with excellent financial securities and experience.

The students holding the degree can also go with the Medical Council of India that takes the charge of the medical education all over the country. This medical council of India is a statutory body and is helpful for the students to get their degree recognized worldwide. The medical council Of India also plays the major role in maintaining the uniform standard for the medical education in the country.

Career options for students possessing the degree of MBBS:

The students seeking to obtain the MBBS degree has great career option ahead. These days it has become very common that most of the students prefer to go with either engineering or medical science irrespective of the heavy fees structure to be paid for getting the admissions. The government also tries to make it simple for the seats and has made few changes in the allotments of seats of the students.

The MBBS course has great future ahead as it offers good financial security with lots of benefits in terms of choosing the career options. The students taking the initiative of choosing the career in the medical science must be totally engaged in the prepetition part as the competition is huge and it is very important to score good results.

The students after putting great efforts in obtaining the MBBS degree can further choose from various career options. They can start too engaged in the field of their interest and kick start a blooming career right at the very early age.

Not only this, this degree ones a great respect and set a standard of the students as everyone know that it’s not that easy to secure a MBBS degree. At the end, the student will have plenty options to choose and set a bright future ahead.


The choice to choose from various options is totally the students call. Well, we would like to wish all the very best to all the students who are willing to take part in the MBBS degree course. Have a great career ahead with the MBBS degree, we wish for it.

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