What are e-Procurement Meaning with Procurement Definition?

Are you searching for What are e-procurement meaning? Don’t search more get here procurement definition, Process, specialist, Job, registry 2019 info. Procurement is a process of acquiring or purchasing various goods and services particularly for the purpose of the business needs. This procedure comprises preparation and processing the whole demand.

Apart from the purchase, it also includes approving the payment and processing the final receipt. The whole process is required for an organization in order to obtain the products and services from the popular suppliers at an affordable price range.

The procured goods and services include printed stuff, testing, training, telecommunications, and raw materials, equipment required for the officers, furniture, facilities, technical content and more.

In some cases, the services also include travel and training services. Here is everything you need to know about Procurement, its meaning, importance of it in the business, Procurement Manager, Procurement Specialist, and more.  



Procurement is actually an act of purchasing goods and services from some other external sources. The major benefit of procuring the products is that one can get the goods at a reasonable price range. This way, the purchasers could save their time, meet the needs of the quality, quantity, and place.

Most of the organizations and public sectors usually consider the processers in order to promote an exclusive competition for their business with an intention to lessen the exposure towards conspiracy and deception. Procurement process usually involves acquiring goods and services in an economical way.

It comprises planning the products that you want to order i.e., thinking about the quantity and the specifications of the products. The procurement process also includes the method of acquiring the products and planning the time of delivery of those ordered products and services.

This planning process is essential in order to evade impediments in the entire operation. The procurement process includes a total of five elements that include precise price, exact quantity, and excellent quality, acquiring it from a right source and delivering it at the accurate time.

Direct indirect and procurement procurement
Indirect Direct   
Maintenance,  Production goods Capital services
  Examples Lubricants, spare parts Crude oil in petroleum industry Crude oil storage facilities
Nature Tactical Operational Low
Value Low Industry-specific Low
Quantity Large Tactical Strategic
Frequency Relatively high High Low

Procurement Definition

Most of the people might be mistaken Procurement as Purchasing. In fact, procurement is not just purchasing the goods and services but something more.

In general, purchasing the goods is only constrained to the scope. On the other hand, procurement comprises of finding the right quality of the goods and services, procuring the contracts and other business folks. In this act, the purchase of goods and services could be direct or indirect in some organizations.

Sometimes, the procurement process comprises of assessments, negotiations, awareness of the contract, forecasting the things and more. There is a major difference between purchasing and procurement.

In the process of procurement, you can find the contracts necessary to finalize the deal. For instance, an engineer initially makes some inquiries about various sources and compares the offers online and finally picks the best one. This process is referred to as Procurement.

Procurement Meaning

Procurement is all about acquiring the products and services from the distributors. This particular process involves the quantity of the goods, time to buy the goods and services, the original cost of the goofs, and the mode of obtaining the ordered goods.

This cycle of procurement helps the customers to make sure that the customers get the best affordable price range from the popular source for the precise quality and quantity of the material. This process of purchasing the stuff will show the impact on more number of departments compared to the single purchasing department.

procurement meaning

With the help of the integrated procurement system, one can get links to various functions and departments of different organizations. The links usually comprise of information, activities, obtaining the transactions, and more.

Some of the procedures involved in Procurement system include information, activities, obtaining transactions, profiles of the suppliers, payable status of the accounts, processing for special orders, tracking the location of the purchases via the receipt routing.

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There are two different types of procurement that include direct procurement and indirect procurement.

Direct Procurement is often related to the raw products and the production of the goods. On the other hand, indirect procurement is connected with the maintenance, capabilities, and operating and repair supplies. The life cycle of the Procurement process involves the following steps:

  • Determining the requirements
  • Research and Detecting Suppliers
  • Maintaining Communication with the Suppliers
  • Intervention of terms
  • Estimating the Supplier Services
  • Satisfaction and Final Payment

Procurement Manager

An organization or a business may not be able to survive if the cost of the procurement is higher than the profit that it makes upon selling the precise product. In the process of procurement, visibility plays a significant role.

Most of the organizations and the companies must have complete visibility into their internal functionalities and expenditure. The effectual method to accomplish visibility is through the segmentation of the expenditure.

If the organizations divide their expenditure and the vendors through unique categories then, the companies will be able to analyze their spending and understand the diminished prices.

Procurement Manager

The decisions related to the Procurement comprises of numerous factors that include shipping and delivery charges, the peripheral benefit of the product in comparison with the price of buying it and the altering costs of various goods and services.

By providing proper information, the consumer will be able to assess the prices and the advantages of the purchase and helps in making a precise decision.

The advantages of procurement might rely on various factors that include purchase, the price of the product and more. If the product is purchased on a wholesale basis then, procuring the goods on a retail basis involves the danger that the value of that product in the market might curtail before they are sold.

Most of the purchases in the corporate companies could be complicated and involve a prolonged process. In general, most of the organizations recruit a Procurement Manager in order to handle the vital acquisitions for the organization.

Usually, Procurement comprises of identifying the requirements of the firm, assessing the probable suppliers and discussing with them regarding the price and quantity to find the precise pick for the organization.

Procurement is a phrase utilized for acquiring the goods and services on part of the Government. Most of the countries have powerful Government procurement laws in order to secure the companies against the fraud cases and local nullification.

Procurement Specialist

Procurement is actually a multi-layered and interconnected with a plethora of vital business operations. This procedure is considered a major element behind the success strategy of a corporate firm.

For instance, if the identity of a firm is depending on the awareness of the company’s environment then, the strategy of the Procurement specialist need to emphasize on captivating the vendors.

In case, a business company has unique goals, it must procure the precise workers in order to aid them to accomplish it. If you spend half of the revenue of the organization in purchasing the goods and services then, your company might end up in loss without witnessing profits.

It is quite necessary to maintain a Procurement and recruit a Procurement specialist who looks after purchasing all your company’s’ goods and services. The minimal decline in buying costs might have a notably direct influence on the profits.

If you don’t implement the strategic decisions in the best way then, you may not be able to maintain a healthy company or organization. In such a situation, it might make some variations between favorable outcome and failure.

If there is an increase in the purchase costs and an enhanced degree of wastage in the supply chain might show a massive impact on the final outcome of the organization and the popularity of it.

Mostly, the companies recruit Procurement Specialist for handling the specialization in determining the products and services for the companies at the affordable price range. This helps in ensuring the functionality of the businesses.

  1. The Procurement Specialists’ work includes office equipment, large-scale purchases such as real estate, inventory and more.
  2. The Specialists need to prepare the list of necessary goods and services within the budget of the company.
  3. The major role of the specialists is to work on enhancing the profitability of the firm.At the initial level of the Procurement Specialists jobs, they need to issue the purchase orders depending on the needs from making, operations and the divisions in the company.

The specialists need to analyze the performance of the suppliers in regard to the demands, improve long-term relationships with the vendors and discontinue those who are pernicious to the welfare of the firm.

In general, the Procurement specialists will operate in a compatible role and carry out their remaining duties. They have standard business hours on a daily basis to carry out their daily duties.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about Procurement, its benefits, the importance of Procurement in the companies and more. Hope this guide has given you adequate information about Procurement and other details.

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