Iphone emulator: the 10 best emulators for iphone.

ios emulator

Need an iphone emulator to install and use your Iphone applications on a Windows or Mac computer. In this article, we have listed the best emulators for iPhone in 2019. Very useful, an iPhone emulator allows you to run an iPhone application on a Windows or Mac PC. Thus, it offers you the opportunity to make the most of your useful or favorite iPhone applications.

What is the use of an iPhone emulator?

As we said above, an iPhone emulator simply allows you to install and enjoy your iPhone applications on a PC. Available on both Mac and Windows, you will have no problem finding the right one for your platform. So you will be able to play all your iPhone games on your desktop or labtop computer. Likewise, using professional applications is very easy with an iPhone emulator.

iPhone emulator for Windows PCs.

This article is actually a compilation of the best free and paid iPhone emulators. As a result, you will have our selection of the 10 best iPhone emulators for Windows. A little bonus also awaits you at the end of the article.

Top 10 free iPhone emulators for Windows in 2019.

It is not always necessary to own an iPhone to take advantage of all the applications offered by the AppStore and other iPhone application stores such as Tutuapp. You can actually use an iPhone emulator for Windows to install an iPhone application on your Windows PC.

MOBIONE STUDIO | Best emulator for iphone.

The Mobione Studio emulator is by far the best and most popular of them all. Very useful, it plays two main roles and can thus be used as an Ios emulator or virtual designer. comes with a large number of features and a complete and ideal workbench for keeping your applications well organized.

SMARTFACE | Excellent iPhone emulator.

Compatible with Iphone and Ipad, this emulator offers an excellent user experience. Its development interface drag and drop allows you to develop your Ios applications quite quickly and easily. On the other hand, it offers features to play iPhone games, display notifications on your desktop and more.

Just like Mobione Studio, Smartface is a perfect app for cross-platform iOS app developers. It basically provides a set of options and features that make debugging easier. A great advantage for developers who are just starting out.

APPETIZE | the iphone emulator that solves everything.

the strong point of this other ios emulator is that it can handle all iphone applications. Thus, APP.IO allows you to install and enjoy all your iPhone applications on a Windows PC. Once you have it installed, you will be able to play all your iPhone games on your Windows PC.

Appetize also has the particularity that it allows Android and iPhone applications to run on a Windows computer.

APP.IO | The easiest iPhone emulator.

As the subtitle says, APP.IO is a very easy to use iPhone emulator. Moreover, it is the easiest of this selection. Just like Appetize, APP.IO is versatile and therefore allows the installation of iPhone or Android applications. Although it is a little slow while downloading these applications.

The trial version offers one week of free use. After this time, you will have to pay to get the premium version of the emulator.

IPADIAN ios emulator.

This one is the best Ipad emulator for windows. With this emulator you can indeed benefit from the most fantastic features such as TvOS, Siri or even IMessages. It allows you to have your iPhone applications on PC; all with an interface almost identical to that of the iPhone and iPad.

It is also very smooth and thus provides excellent support for playing your iPhone and iPad games on a Windows PC.

Ripple a light and fast ios emulator.

The particularity of the Ripple emulator lies in its ability to support all available versions of IOS. Its fairly rapid growth has made it one of the developers’ favorite iPhone emulators.

Ripple is actually a Chrome extension that you can use as an iPhone emulator to develop and test iPhone applications on a Windows PC. Supporting all versions of iOS, Ripple allows you to install virtually any iPhone app you can get your hands on on a Windows PC.


A completely free iphone emulator that allows you to install all iphone apps and games on your Windows computer. So you can install all the iPhone games of your choice on your PC and play them as much as you want.

AIR Iphone also offers tools and features allowing you to develop and debug your own iPhone applications.

XAMARIN Testflight.

Xamarin is above all an emulator with very advanced support and a very simplistic user interface. As easy to install as it is to download, it is perfect for novices in the Apple world. Because
Xamarin is indeed an Apple product; one of the easiest to install, configure and use.

IPHONE SIMULATOR | The best emulator for games.

Another iPhone emulator so the specificity is the skill in video game emulation. It will help you play all your favorite iPhone games on a Windows PC. Completely free, Iphone simulator allows you to create a clone of your iPhone’s user interface. To do it, nothing could be simpler. You will just need to download and install the Iphone Simulator emulator.

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