How to clone hard drive to SSD in Windows?

clone hard drive

Clone a hard drive is simply to transfer all the data contained on this disk to another hard disk. The size of this new disk to which the information will be transferred does not matter; but must nevertheless be able to receive the data.

Here you will see, why, how and what tools to use to clone a hard drive. Because successful cloning strongly depends on the tools used to clone hard drive in question.

Why clone a hard drive?

The reasons that could lead to cloning a hard drive are numerous and diverse. Thus, you can duplicate a disk when you change a smaller hard disk for a more generous one. Likewise, we can do it when we move from the old mechanical HDD to a brand new and super fast SSD. So, there would be no point in running the risk of losing all this data by reinstalling everything again.

Otherwise it’s always a good idea to make a back-up of its data on another hard drive thanks to the hard drive cloning. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a crash or theft of your PC.

How to clone hard drive efficiently?

To effectively and easily clone a hard drive, two approaches are possible. Hard drive cloning through DOS commands and some additional tools. The second approach consists of using a tool designed for this purpose and therefore fully automated. It is also this second solution that we will implement here.

Commonly called “hard drive cloner“, this software does all the dirty work for you and thus allows you to save considerable time. The most popular “hard drive cloner” by far is Ghost software designed by Symantec, a specialist in IT security.

Clone hard drive: The best hard drive cloning software under Windows.

As in most cases, there are open source or free Ghost equivalents. They do exactly the same job, or even more than paid cloning software. So we have listed the best hard drive cloning tools below.

EaseUs Disk Copy: Designed by the backup and recovery specialist, is one of the best free hard drive cloners available. Very easy to use, this complete and powerful tool is free for any use.

XXClone: Like all the others
hard drive cloner, this software completely copies your drive. ITS particularity is that it also keeps the “volumeID”. So you will not have to reactivate Windows. It is free for personal use and paid for professional use.

DriveImage XML: This other hard drive cloner allows you to create disk images. But also to schedule backups which will be done automatically. Free in personal version and paid for professional use.

How to clone hard drive to SSD?

  • Launch the cloning software of your choice.
  • Then plug in your new SSD.
  • Launch the software, follow and respect these instructions.
  • Once finished, close the system.
  • Then unplug the power.
  • Now, unplug your hard drive and then install your SSD.
  • Finally reconnect the power and start your PC.

Notes: you must delete temporary and/or unnecessary files from your windows operating system to gain additional space.
Connecting your drive to a SATA, USB 3.0 or higher port is recommended for a quick update.

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