Xcode for Windows 10 – How to Download and Install/Run

Developing applications for Mac is not that easy when compared to creating apps for the Windows and Linux platforms. In order to develop applications for the Mac, the users require an SDK (Software Development Toolkit) called Xcode.

Today we are sharing about how to download and install Xcode for Windows 10. It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is specially created for the Max OS X and it is an ultimate suite not only for creating the apps, but also to test them, for building up the application interface and for managing the assets of the users etc.

To say it simple, Xcode is a complete software tool for creating applications for the Mac platform. This Xcode software development kit however is available only for the iOS and Mac OS X and not for other operating systems because of compatibility issues and lots of other reasons.

But if the user wants to run Xcode for Windows 10 or other windows versions as they are having limited budget, then there are few ways through which you can do it.

Though it is not that perfect when compared to Xcode for Mac, and if you want to still download and install Xcode for Windows 10, check all the features, requirements and the installation procedure to do so.

Here is the complete working method of Xcode for Windows 10 PC. So, go through the instructions and get Xcode for your Windows 10 to develop apps on your Windows 10 computer. So if you need xcode for pc then read full concept.

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       Xcode for Windows

Xcode – What it is??

Xcode is a software / application development toolkit which is in short known as SDK. This SDK contains a set of application development tools specially designed for the Mac OS X.

As said it is also a testing tool and managing assets toolkit. By installing the Xcode on your Windows 10 OS, you can develop or create all the basic applications on your Windows 10 computer.

So as if you are aware of what Xcode is, you can now check the features and the requirements of the Xcode and proceed to downloading and the installation procedure. Let us know run xcode on windows also download xcode for windows.

Features of Xcode

You know now time of Gadget and we know that gadgets no more useful without apps, Thats why Xcode is really very useful for all who are making apps for iPad and iPhone. There are many features you can see after use, But here some most popular added in points please check it :-

  1. Users can create applications for Mac OS X and for iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone etc.
  2. Users can also develop Mac OS X, iOS and iPhone games.
  3. Xcode can be used for testing the apps that are under processing and here the users can test for the reliability of the applications as well as they can do UI testing before they are going to be published.
  4. In order to check the reliability and the stability of the apps,
  5. There is a dedicated feature called TestFlight which comes with the beta tester.
  6. Apple iTunes store requires the acceptance score of 100 in order to publish the apps in it and with this feature users can test the apps for the score successfully.
  7. The Xcode can also test the devices Mac / iOS in order to test on real time.
  8. This SDK also allows the users to manage images of the app,
  9. For classifying them and with this you can give a superior touch for your applications that you wanted to develop.
  10. Using Xcode editor, editing the apps interface graphically is possible.
  11. If you find any problems with the apps that you develop using Xcode,
  12. You can also fix them easily with this toolkit.

Requirements for Installing Xcode on Windows 10

Here in this post, we have come up with the process of installing Xcode for Windows 10 using the VirtualBox of Oracle. But before proceeding to install,

Here are few prerequisites for it and without which you cannot install Xcode for Windows 10 PC. So, do check the requirements given below and make sure you have them on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Downloaded Xcode Package from the Apple website.
  • Working VMWare / VirtualBox or a Mac OS X virtual machine.
  • 2GB RAM minimum and maximum it is recommended to have 4GB or more.
  • Dual Core Intel Processor is necessary for tackling the Xcode.
  • Hardware Virtualization.
  • Make sure to have the Apple ID for downloading the Xcode complete package from the Apple website.

Make sure that you have a Mac OS X working virtual machine as you are using Virtual Box here to install the Xcode. If you are not having the Virtual Box copy installed on your computer, you can download it and install from any trusted sources.

Professional app developers have to purchase the Apple Hardware along with OS X and the app developer ID. These are minimum requirements for the Xcode to install on your Windows 10 PC.

Now, let us get in to the process of downloading and installing the Xcode on the Windows 10 computer. Below is the complete procedure to do so. The process even works for the other windows versions such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

How to Download and Install Xcode on Windows 10 Laptop / PC??

Guys xcode for windows download is available on official apple site, Follow the below given steps one after the other carefully which will guide you towards the installation of the Xcode on Windows 10 PC / Laptop. Just follow some easy steps without any issue you can get it, Lets check :-


At first, the users have to download the VirtualBox or else the VMWare on your Windows 10 PC. You can download it from some trusted xcode online official sources and the install it.


As virtual machine is necessary, the users have to download as well as install the OSX Mavericks ISO which is a virtual machine.


Now, the users have to create the virtual machine that the users have downloaded on the Oracle VirtualBox which can be done with the steps given here. In order to do this, the users have to open the Virtual Box and tap on the “New” button.


A new pop-up window will appear on screen now which asks the user to enter the name of the new Operating system. There the users have to enter OSX as the name, in the type of OS enter Mac OS X as the type and finally enter the version of OS as the Mac OS X along with the bit and here it is 32 bit. Check the below given image to know clearly.

Install Xcode on Windows


The users have to choose the RAM size of the virtual machine now. The minimum memory size that is required for the android to run on the windows PC is 1024 MB (1 GB). Choose the size of the memory from the maximum size available and click on the “Next” button. Next” button given below the window

Install Xcode on Windows step 2


Next, choose and create the virtual hard drive file type.


Choose the Hardware file type as the VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI). It is recommended for selecting the VDI in terms of the IOS image always. After that, click on the “Next” button given below the window.

Install Xcode on Windows step 3


Next, choose the physical hard drive as situated Dynamically. Now, give the location of the file and the Android size from the amount of size available of the physical hard drive on your system. Finally, tap on “Create” button which is as shown in the figure given below.

Install Xcode on Windows step 8


Once the above step completes, you have created the virtual machine successfully on the Virtual Box. Now, the users have to mount the iOS file that has been downloaded before. To do this, you have to go to Settings followed by Storage, load iOS file, tap on Ok and the Start.

Install Xcode on Windows step 9


Next, the users can just follow the on screen instructions of OSX window / wizard and that’s it, the OSX will be successfully installed on the Oracle Virtual Box.

OSX will be installed


Go to the Safari browser on the virtual box and the open the Apple store from it. With the help of the Apple ID and the password the user has to sign in in to the app store.

sign in


Once you sign in in to the Apple store, search for the Xcode in the search box. Now, all the related apps will be shown on the screen. Locate the app Xcode from the list of app and you need to click on Free and download. Finally tap on “OK” for downloading the Xcode kit.

Install Xcode on Windows step 12

Step -13:

Once the installation of the Xcode kit completes, open the kit from all the applications installed on your windows 10 PC. Give the root credentials for getting the access privileges in order to install the components of the Xcode as well as to modify or change the system settings. Give your username as well as password and tap on “OK”.

Install Xcode on Windows step 13


Finally, you have successfully installed the Xcode kit on your Windows 10 PC with the virtualization software VMware workstation.

successfully installed

So this is done, If you are getting any error then please make sure you have done right steps. If after follow you are facing some issues please tell us via comment.

Conclusion :

This is how the users can download and install the Xcode for Windows 10 computer successfully for developing the apps on your Windows PC. So, now what are you looking for?? Install Xcode on your Windows and develop apps and new projects with the help of this Xcode interface.

However, professional app developers can’t use Xcode more professionally on Windows as the speed of Xcode is not that high on Windows. Learners can use it on windows to get educated and get started professionally.

Hope, you got a complete overview on downloading and running the Xcode on Windows 10 computer also now how to get xcode on windows is cleared. So all is clear now you can check watch cartoons online reddit for hd.

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