How to remove CRC-SHA Entry From Context Menu in Windows 10

How to Remove CRC SHA entry from Context Menu in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user and have recently installed latest version 15.12 of file compression software 7-zip program on the OS, then you might notice that the entry…

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What is DNS server? Fix Google DNS server not responding IP Lookup

What is DNS serve or What is Google DNS server with how to fix DNS server not responding in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and also Public google…

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How to Know Computer Repair Near Me

Computers no matter how safely we handle them will end up having a repair. After share about How to Get Help in Windows 10 now, we are sharing a tutorial about…

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can my computer Run it

How Know can my computer Run it/this or Will it Run

If you found a new game and you don’t know about can my computer Run it or can my computer Run this in your computer? Don’t worry this post will…

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Confirm form resubmission chrome Error Fixed

Let us come to know the process of disable confirm form resubmission in Google Chrome and use it for practical implementation on your personal computer whenever you needed. This process…

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DVI Vs HDMI Which is Better AV input cable?

The comparison can help to choose better one, So after sharing about MBR Vs GPT and also DDR3 vs DDR4 difference today we are sharing about DVI Vs HDMI AV input cable,…

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One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer – Fix

Windows users may come across the problem “one or more network protocols are missing on this computer”. This error message would be displayed by the network diagnostic tool of the…

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What is Avast Safe Price?

Avast safe price is an updated addition delivered by the organization of Avast which will helpful in case of filtering the best prices. Yes now days what is avast safe…

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8 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Can’t Connect To This Network

In this fast growing world, we can’t imagine life without internet. To say otherwise, it has been part of everyday life for many people and it is crucial too for…

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MBR Vs GPT performance Speed with Features

The comparison can help to get best one, So after sharing about DDR3 vs. DDR4 now we are talking about mbr vs gpt, If you are confusing about gpt vs MBR?…

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