How to Remove CRC SHA entry from Context Menu in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user and have recently installed latest version 15.12 of file compression software 7-zip program on the OS, then you might notice that the entry CRC-SHA has been automatically added to the context menu for files and folders under the 7-Zip options. By placing the pointer on the CRC SHA, you will see various other entries like CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-1, SHA-256, and *.

You will find these entries when you install the latest version of 7-Zip on your Windows 10 OS. It is not just seen in Windows 10, but also in other operating systems such as Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 or previous versions.

Very recently, 7-Zip stable version 15.12 has been released into the market, and the new version has come packed with lots of new features to the file compression software that is used substantially. The brand new feature of this stable version is the support for the RAR5 format.

It adds two entries to the file/folder content menu – 7-Zip and CRC SHA. On clicking the entry displays like CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-1, SHA-256, and *, you will be able to calculate and display SHA and CRC values. Before getting started, know what CRC and SHA mean.

How to remove CRC SHA Entry From Context Menu in Windows 10


CRC is a short form of Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is mainly used in digital networks to spot coincidental changes made to the data.

To put it simply, it is an error detecting code that comes to work majorly in digital networks and storage devices to unexpected sport changes in the data.

They are popular because they are very simple to implement and are good to detect common errors caused by noise in transmission channels.



SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. The National Security Agency develops it. It is mainly used to find out the integrity of data. It is frequently used to determine the integrity of downloaded data from the web to ensure that the data that was downloaded is not corrupted while transmission or due to other reasons.

We have numerous tools in use that are used to calculate the value of CRC and SHA in Windows OS. Not just the newest stable version, but also the earlier versions of 7-Zip also have support for calculating CRC and SHA values, but the problem was that the process is not straight-forward.

The calculation of the hash values becomes quite easy with the addition of CRC SHA entry to file/folder context menu. Unaware of the fact that the new entry of CRC SHA is quite helpful,

Many PC users end up ignoring them without making proper use of them. When the user finds that the CRC SHA entry is of no use because of the lack of knowledge about the usefulness of it,

They automatically tend to remove it from the context menu. So, if you have witnessed CRC SHA in the context menu and wished to remove it, then you can do it by following the below steps.

We have covered the steps on how to remove the entry of CRC SHA from the context menu in Windows 10. The process is very simple and is less time taking. So, give it a try.

How to remove CRC SHA from context menu in Windows 10?

As we said earlier, it is very simple to remove CRC SHA from the context menu. If you think that CRC SHA is of no use for you and want to delete it then you can follow the below process to do so. The process of removing CRC SHA from any version of the Windows is same.

Today, we are explaining the removal process of CRC SHA from the context menu in Windows 10. As we know already, the CRC SHA entry appears on the context menu let that be any version of Windows.

Follow the below steps without any mistakes to remove CRC SHA entry from the context menu in Windows 10 or computer.

Step 1

Open Start Menu and type 7-Zip in the search box and press enter to open 7-Zip File Manager.

  step 1

Step 2

It will launch the 7-Zip window where you need to go to Tools and then click on Options.

step 2

Step 3

  • The Options window will be opened where you need to go to second tab 7-Zip.
  •  You can see context menu items section where multiple options are present.
  • In the section, uncheck the checkbox titled CRC SHA> and
  • Then click on OK and then Apply button to remove CRC SHA from the context menu.


step 3

Is CRC SHA safe?

As we mentioned that it is Secure Hash Algorithm which used to integrity of data, I can harmful so you need to remove from you systems.

So if are working with very higher security project or anything like that then you should know everything about it. If you have not much technical knowledge then you can get help from any internet security experts.

sha 256

This is similar like crc sha means Secure Hash Algorithm which published by National Institute of Standards and Technology, First time in 1993 under the name “SHA” it published.


That’s it! This completely removes CRC SHA from the context menu. In case if you see an error message in a dialog box saying “An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers” then just click OK button to remove the context menu entry.

If you don’t see the above message, it is clear that CRC SHA entry has been deleted from the context menu. Hope this guie will help you If you have any question regards this concept please comment below, We will try to give you right answer as well as soon possible.

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