How Know can my computer Run it/this or Will it Run

If you found a new game and you don’t know about can my computer Run it or can my computer Run this in your computer? Don’t worry this post will help you sure. Many people love to play games in their personal computers.

Everyday scores of games hit the market taking place in the hearts of the gamers. Other than the games, the gaming PCs are also taking place in the market on a great note.

The gaming features have reached to an extent that now it is very important to check the configuration of the PC in order to know whether it allows the games to run on it.

The gaming of PC is not as simple as console gaming. The graphics hardware that come with your PC should checked before draining your wallets on your favorite PC games.

If the PC does not have the requirements to support the game then it is not possible to run the game. The poor graphics hardware or older version of PC will not allow the games to run. At such times you need to either upgrade to the latest graphics hardware or change the PC to the newest version.

Before purchasing a game, it is essential to get the facts about whether or not the PC you are going to run the game supports it. As every PC user cannot find out whether or not his/her PC supports particular game, there are many ways to check it.

Also, there are some tools and resources that can help you check the compatibility of the game with the PC. These tools/resources will find out whether the hardware and software configurations of PC match with the game.

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 can my computer Run it

How Know can my computer Run it/this or Will it Run

Upgrading the PC every time you want to install a new high-profile PC game is not so easy. Lot of money goes into it and not everyone can afford it. Gamers don’t really need to upgrade their hardware frequently.

The gaming PCs that were built ages ago can also run the games perfectly if few changes were made to the graphics hardwares and all though it is not the same with the laptops and older versions of PCs. Using this concept you can understand Can my computer run PUBG? or other games.

Will it Run

Look into Intel Graphics

The Intel graphics card that your PC comes with is what makes all the difference. It is not possible to play games with high end hardware requirements on PCs that does not have graphics card that support the gaming requirements.

If your PC has on board Intel Graphics instead of NVIDIA or AMD graphics hardware, you will end up seeing issues while running high end graphic games. Most of the laptops come equipped with Intel onboard graphics that does is much cheaper than other processors and does not even consume more power.

Nevertheless, the latest Intel graphics hardware is not the consideration as well as it falls short in offering the features compared to NVIDIA or AMD graphics. If your PC has only Intel graphics, it may not run the high end graphic games on low end graphic supporting PCs.

After the introduction of Intel new Haswell graphics, the support for high end graphic games have increased quite a lot, but still it does not match up with the features that NVIDIA or AMD graphics offer.

However, the Haswell chips are so very expensive and offer limited features compared to other graphics chips available in the market.

Intel Graphics

Manually check your PC’s specifications

You can also check the specifications of your PC to find out whether it provides a platform for the high end graphic games to run smoothly. There are is an automatic method as well as manual method to check the specs of PC.

To check your PCs specifications manually, you need to know what hardware is used in your computer in first place.

The specifications you need to check include

  • CPU speed,
  • RAM size,
  • Graphics
  • details majorly

To know the aforementioned specs manually, you can follow different ways as per your requirement. You can also surf the internet to find out the specs of your particular laptop or PC model.

The list of specs will be listed out in the specs list in online. Nevertheless, there are also other ways to find out the specs like making use of tools. One such tool that helps a great deal in finding the specs of the PC is Speccy.

can my computer Run it specifications

The things that you need to pay attention are?

  • The CPU Speed in GHz – To know the CPU speed open Speccy and click on the CPU header after which the number of cores of your CPU will be displayed.
  • The size of the RAM your computer came with.
  • The model number of your PCs graphics.
  • The size of the RAM that the graphics card has at that time.

You must also find out what graphics card your computer is equipped with; whether NVIDIA or AMD graphics. I suppose your computer supports both Intel and NVIDIA or AMD, it is okay as the computer uses both by switching from one to another ultimately saving the power.

Find the system requirements of the game

Also, you can view the system requirements of the game that you wish to run on your PC. You can find the requirements of the game either in the website of the game or on the website that is selling it. Compare the info shown in Speccy to the details below.

Make sure to look deep into the particulars like processor, memory, and video card requirements as they play a major role in gaming. Check out the basic hardware requirements of your PC and also check the system requirements of the game that you would like to install in your PC and compare them both so as to find whether they will be compatible with each other or not.

system equirements of the game

Compare Your PC’s Specs to a Game

This is yet another way to find out the compatibility between your PC and game. You need to check the system requirements of the game. There are many websites that can display the specs of your PC as well as the game.

So, you can take the help of any of the website to get the specs of the game and the PC. Can You Run it is a website that helps effectively to analyze if your computer is compatible with the game.

All you need to do is just enter the name of the game in the given slot and click on ‘Can you run it’. It is a complete free service and you can easily get the checking information in no time.

Before using this website, you need to run the System Requirements Lab Detection desktop app. On installing this app onto your computer, it will scan the hardware of your computer it will identify the specs of your hardware and will navigate you to the website.

After you are done with running the tool, visit the website and select the game you would like to play from the drop-down box and click on ‘Can You Run It’ button.

Your PC’s Specs to a Game

As soon as you click on the button, you will be notified about the compatibility of the game and your PC. All this process is run by the website via cookies. So, if you accidentally cleared your cookies, you need to run the detection tool once again to use the website for checking the compatibility.


It is not possible for every PC use to remember the exact specifications of PC hardware. Also, it is difficult to find out what the PC games need to run properly on a PC platform without reporting any issues. Comparing both the requirements of PC and games is beyond difficult for the mere gamers.

This is how you have to check if your computer can run a PC game or not. You can use the websites. We have also discussed about the websites/tools that can tell if the particular game will run on specific PC/laptop.

Hope you find compatibility of your favorite game with your PC. Hope now Will it Run or will my PC run it quarries are cleared.

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