How to Know Computer Repair Near Me

Computers no matter how safely we handle them will end up having a repair. After share about How to Get Help in Windows 10 now, we are sharing a tutorial about Computer Repair Near Me.

Most of the times, computers report the same problem time and again and also they report most common problems. So, it would be literally a waste of money to get the repair done by a pro by draining your wallets.

If your computer is having a problem which is not a big one then you can easily DIY use some simple tips and tricks.  You need to use much of your brain to repair your computer, so fret not. Just read on to find out the tips to service your computer on your own.

Computer Repair Near Me

How to know computer repair near you?

Before Going to deep in the post I wanna share with you that how to know the place of computer repair near me. We know that Google maps are really amazing and we can access Google maps everywhere in the world using internet connection.

Here we also sharing all major problems which can destroy your windows or computer and also share how to fix these errors too. But if you are not able to follow these steps then you can find computer repair near my location using a simple trick, Let us know –

  1. First, you need to open Google maps.
  2. Now simply write Computer Repair Near Me and press enter.
  3. Now Smart Google will show you computer repair shops near me.
  4. Now just click any Highlight places and map it.
  5. That’s it

Computer Repair Near Me using Google Maps

Tips to follow to find out computer repair near me

If you have any problem with your PC and have tried each and every single DIY to fix it, but nothing good happened with it, then you can check out a repair store near you.

With so many repair stores almost in every lane, it is impossible to decide on where to give your precious PC to get it fixed. At such times, you have to follow certain tips. We have listed out what to do at such times. Read on!

1. Take suggestions

Ask someone you know who have got their PCs repaired. Ask the people to give a review about the shops they got the service from. Go to the store that most of the people have cast their vote for and gave best positive reviews about.

Don’t just choose the store because of how it looks; you may not know what kind of a professional is working in a lane side store. So, give a special attention and find the best store to get the fix done picture perfectly. You can also view the reviews of popular service stores online. Yelp is one of such review provider. It provides best crowd-sourced reviews about everything.

2. Don’t decide just from an ad

You may not necessarily know which ad is good to finalize on the store. Not all ads are true and vice versa. You cannot decide on where to get the repair done for your computer by looking at the best ad advertised by the concerned company or store. So, don’t just fall for the ad and think twice before you act.

3. Don’t get the service twice from the poor service providers

If you have received poor services from a particular repair shop earlier and want to give them a second chance, just forget it. Don’t go for charity as it would be of no help for you.

4. Spy or do a little survey

If you want to get your work done in a particular repair shop, spy a little. There is no wrong in doing so. Just visit the store and see how the customers are being received and how the professionals were working. See the satisfaction quotient in the customer’s face after getting the service.

5. Don’t rely on assumptions

Don’t just depend on the assumptions you make or have in a company. You may not know what kind of services they are to offer and at which quality. Instead of sitting and making assumptions, you better do some research and ask for reviews.

6. What to do after choosing the repair store?

If you are done with choosing your repair store to get the repair done for your PC, then make sure to put your doubts before them without hesitation. If the problem is small and can be solved just at home, they would simply suggest you what to do.

Some Big windows issues you can fix with below tutorials

  1. Runtime Broker in windows 10
  2. Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding
  3. Windows Defender Blocked by Group Policy

How to Repair Computer Windows 10, 8/8.1/7 yourself at Home

If you search on the net about window or computer guide then you will get very solution easily, If you don’t want to repair your PC by any professional then read below guide and repair yourself at home easily.

Get rid of viruses

The most common problem that computers face is virus. Viruses and malware corrupt the files and data stored on the computer. They slow down the system day by day and won’t let you work properly on it. You no need to go to a professional to get rid of the viruses. The Internet is full of free and trial antivirus tools.

You can choose the best one out there and scan your system to remove the effective things from your PC. The highly used antivirus software include Avast, Kaspersky, Avira, Bitdefender, Quick Heal etc.

The antivirus tools will most likely remove the virus and malware from the computer, but sometimes if the virus has infected your computer hugely then you must go for reinstalling your OS.


Reinstall Operating System

If the PC gets slow, most of the people get frustrated and either leave it with the repair shop to set it or will exchange it with a new one, but never try to give it an own repair service.

If your system slows down and it is not exactly because of the virus or malware, then you need to reinstall the operating system. It would be the best choice you can make considering the situation. If it is in the hands of antivirus tool,

It would tackle the issue, but if it is not done by the tool properly then you have to go with reinstalling the operating system. This not only helps you get rid of the viruses and malware from your PC but also the corrupted and error showing files too.

You can also restore your computer. This will help you with not losing any of the important data. The latest computers come with restore partitions that can be accessed from the boot process.

You can also use CDs or DVDs to restore the data into your computer. It is quite easy to reinstall or restore the OS into your PC. You can get a CD from your friend who owns one and follows the instructions to install the OS.

      Reinstall Operating System

Remove unwanted software

Sometimes, the systems slow down due to the over usage of the disk space. If there is not much space left on the disk, then you would face many issues. The first problem is that your system slows down.

You will continuously receive notifications saying that you need to free some space so as to fasten up your PC. You can even see a red color label on the drive resembling that it is soon going to run out of space.

This is because you are storing more data in the drives, especially on the drive that has OS installed in it.

The software you download will end up saved in the OS installed drive by default which slows up the system. At such times, you can remove the unwanted software from the system tray.

Also, the manufacturing companies include some unnecessary software into the system. To remove them the Microsoft store will charge about $99 to remove the bloatware.

If you want to DIY then you can fix it without spending a single pie.  We have mentioned below three effective ways to remove the preinstalled unnecessary programs from the computer. Here you go!

  1. You can make use of PC Decrapifier, which will conduct an automatic scan for bloatware and remove them automatically.
  2. You can also manually uninstall the programs from the control panel.
  3. Reinstall your OS. If you don’t want to go through any of the hassles then just reinstall your Windows OS. You can make a fresh start on your old PC.

Remove unwanted software

Build your computer with your own hands

If you are in plans to buy a new computer then instead of buying an all-assembled computer, go for purchasing components. That way, you can choose the best components for your PC. If you buy an already assembled computer or CPU, you may not get best of every component,

But if you pick the best components and assemble them together you can make a wonder out of it. You can order the components online or can get them from a wholesale store near you. This way, you can save money as well as choose better hardware for your PC.

Build your computer

Upgrade your RAM/Hard Drive

Sometimes, you will need to just upgrade your RAM/Hard drive to get your PC perfectly working. You can assemble a new RAM to your computer easily. Also, upgrading your hard drive is also pretty simple.

By upgrading them, you can get extra space on your PC to store more data and also keep the system from getting slower.

Upgrade your RAM

Get manufacturer help

If you have bought a computer or laptop and had a problem with it, then you not need to rush to a repair store immediately. First, check if the warranty period for your PC is still on and if it is then reported the issue to the manufacturer.

You can do so through customer care. You can contact the manufacturer to RMA the PC. RMA is nothing but Return Merchandise Authorization. You can register your complaint with the executive and get an RMA number.

Get manufacturer help

Recover deleted files

Sometimes we may end up deleting important files from the PC in a hurry, which could affect your system performance. In such cases, you can recover the deleted files.

You can easily retrieve the deleted files by yourself using the existing procedures instead of taking help from professionals and pouring them money.

Recover deleted files


We have covered almost every single way to get the repair done for your PC. If it is in your hands to solve the issue with your PC then follow the ways we have mentioned and if it is something that needs professional help, then make sure to find the safe hands and hand over your PC to them.

Hope your questions and doubts were answered here on our page. Please let us know if you have any other concerns regarding this topic in the comments session below.

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