What is DNS server? Fix Google DNS server not responding IP Lookup

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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard innovation for overseeing open names of Web destinations and other Internet areas. DNS innovation permits you to sort names into your Web program like computer networking about com and your PC to naturally find that address on the Internet.

A key component of the DNS is an overall accumulation of DNS servers. Let’s know about Google DNS server status, Google DNS server down or DNS not found and also cannot connect to DNS server with more information about Google DNS server slow. So let us read all DNS server problems.

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Google dns server not responding

What is DNS server Fix Google DNS server not responding IP Lookup

A DNS server is any PC enrolled to join the Domain Name System. A DNS server runs unique reason organizing programming, components an open IP address, and contains a database of system names and addresses for other Internet has. So it is really better to know what is the DNS server to understand this DNS address cannot be found or DNS not working concept.

DNS Root Servers

DNS servers correspond with one another using private system conventions. All DNS servers are sorted out in a chain of command. At the top level of the progression, supposed root servers store a complete database of Internet area names and their comparing IP addresses.

The Internet uses 13 root servers that have turned out to be fairly well known for their exceptional part. Kept up by different free offices, the servers are suitably named A, B, C thus on up to M. Ten of these servers live in the United States, one in Japan, UK and one in Stockholm, one in London, and Sweden.

How DNS Works

The DNS is a spread framework, implying that just the 13 root servers contain the complete database of names and addresses. All different DNS servers are introduced at lower levels of the chain of importance and keep up just certain bits of the general database.

Most lower level DNS servers are claimed by organizations or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). For instance, Google keeps up different DNS servers around the globe that deal with the google.com, google.co.uk, and different spaces. Your ISP likewise keeps up at t DNS also  DNS servers as a feature of your Internet association setup.

Google dns server not responding

Google DNS servers

At the point when a DNS server gets a solicitation, not in its database, (for example, a topographically inaccessible or once in a while went to Web web page), it briefly changes from a server to a DNS customer.

The server naturally passes that demand to another DNS server or up to the following more elevated amount in the DNS chain of command as required.

In the long run, the solicitation touches base at a server that has the coordinating name and IP address in its database, and the reaction streams back through the chain of DNS servers to your customer. So before going in deep, you should know what does DNS mean also what is a DNS address.

DNS Servers and Home Networking

PCs on your home system find a DNS server through their Internet association setup properties. Suppliers give their clients people in general IP address(es) of essential and reinforcement DNS servers. You can locate the present IP locations of your DNS server setup by means of a few routines:

· On The Design Screens Of A Home System Switch

· On The TCP/Ip Association Properties Screens In Windows Control Panel (If Arranged By Means Of That Strategy)

· From Ipconfig Or Comparable Summon Line Utility.

Design your system settings to Use Google Public DNS 

When you are making use of Google Public DNS, you are changing your DNS “switchboard” administrator from your ISP to Google Public DNS. As a rule, the IP locations utilized by your ISP’s space name servers are consequently set by your ISP by means of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

To use Google Public DNS, you have to unequivocally change the DNS settings in your working framework or gadget to utilize the Google Public DNS IP addresses. The method for changing your DNS settings shifts as indicated by working framework and form (Windows, Mac or Linux) or the gadget (PC, telephone, or switch).

Before you change your DNS settings to use Google Public DNS, make sure to record the present server locations or settings on a bit of paper. It is critical that you keep these numbers for reinforcement purposes If you have to return to them whenever.

Google Public DNS IP addresses

The Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as per the following:


The Google Public DNS IPv6 locations are as per the following:

  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

You can make use of either address as your essential or optional DNS server. You can indicate both locations, yet don’t determine one location as both essential and optional.

You can design Google Public DNS addresses for either IPv4 or IPv6 associations, or both.

Change your DNS servers settings

Google DNS Server Not Responding – How to Fix It?

DNS Server Not Responding – What will happen when you experience this error? Fundamentally, DNS server not responding windows 7 error or other will make interference your web association. Imagine a scenario where you are highly involved with something when your DNS server stops to react or DNS cannot be found. Y

ou will lose all your online associations, however, I recommend you to stay quiet as could reasonably be expected as we attempt to design it out.

DNS Server not responding Error possible reasons

It may be the case that one of your outsider programmings is having a contention or inadvertently keep your PC from joining with the web, for example, antivirus, firewall and system transfer speed controller.

It is similarly conceivable that your DNS administration quits reacting or got to be ruined because of different reasons, however, the most widely recognized offenders are infection and PC equipment issue.

Once in a while DNS server not responding windows 10 error is your DNS server might be unavailable, DNS server not available or DNS server could not be found created by the site server that you are going by, which means the shortcoming isn’t you or your PC, it’s the site server itself.

Things to be done to offer you some assistance with detecting or pinpoint the REAL REASON of DNS Server Not Responding Error Search the web using no less than three (3) distinct programs. If one of your programs can’t show site pages then that sure program is the issue, reinstall it with the most recent variant.

Visit numerous sites. Consider the possibility that one and only of the sites show the DNS error. Indeed, be happy in light of the fact that the issue is on that sure site’s server, not your PC.

If you took a stab at using numerous programs and spanning more than three destinations, yet regardless you get a DNS Server not reacting, it is sheltered to say that the issue is on your PC.

Since we inferred that there is something incorrectly in your PC that causes the DNS Server not Responding error, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate it.

How to understand DNS Server not Responding Error?

1. First, restart your PC, press “F8” to continue “Ahead of time Boot Options” select “Protected Mode with Networking” then snap “Yes” to enter in experimental mode. When you arrive, attempt to interface with the web,

If you can join, a security programming may be hindering your PC to get associated. Imagine a scenario where regardless you get a DNS Server not Responding Error. A product conflict and defiled DNS administrations may be the issue. What to do?

2. Harm to your antivirus and other security programming and, in addition, system data transfer capacity controller, now check If you can associate with the web. Still, you can’t? Uninstall every one by one or every one of them.

As far as I can tell the “system data transmission controller” is keeping my PC’s TCP/IP to obtain its Default Gateway, in this way cause the DNS server isn’t responding windows 10 Error. In spite of the fact that, as a rule uprooting your security programming will understand the error.

3. In the event that formatting your security programming and the system transfer speed controller did not unravel the error attempt this one:

4.  Snap begin, add-ons, right snap “summon incite” and run it as head then, sort netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt then info netsh winsock reset (don’t restart yet), ultimately encode ipconfig/flushdns, now your IP and Winsock are reset while your DNS reserve is flushed. Restart your PC and check If it illuminated the DNS Server not Responding Error. The issue holds on?

5. In your TCP/IPv4 properties attempt to change it to “acquire an IP Address naturally” in the event that you physically set it to static, If it’s now “gotten consequently” switch it into static by filling it with static IP,

Default passage, subnet (If you are in uncertainty, check this Computer Networks Beginners Guide) and in your DNS segment utilize the accompanying DNS and or the what’s more, Not working?

6. The time has come to use the framework restore, go to “begin”, “all projects”, “frill”, “framework instruments” then select “framework restore” pick the date before the DNS Server not Responding Error happens. Simply take the wizard’s direction. For more nitty-gritty framework restore aide, click this How to restore Windows 7. As yet having the error?

7. Check your switch, have it reset and in addition your modem if conceivable supplant it with your circle switch or obtain from a companion. Coincidentally, before doing that, in the event that you are having a system of PCs, evacuate it to start with, seclude one unit by stopping your system link straightforwardly to your ISP’s modem/switch, watch It alters the error. Didn’t understand the DNS Server error?

8. Attempt to reinstall you’re Operating System, in the event that it doesn’t understand the error, most presumably it’s an equipment issue. Check if both the green and orange light of your LAN card is squinting.

Regularly, both lights ought to be squinting, If you see stand out, LAN card may be the issue. To ensure, better check your LAN link with your LAN analyzer (here’s the LAN testing aide). It’s great, we can infer that your LAN card is the issue.

How to fix a DNS Server Not Responding Error Normally

Attempt the below steps:

  1. · Press Windows Key + R to open the Run window. Inside Run window, sort cmd (select the one with director benefit)
  2. · netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt This is going to reset IP
  3. · netsh winsock reset. This charge is utilized to reset winsock. Despite the fact that resetting winsock is not identified with this error, it may help in altering different issues which can prompt this error. When the to summon is executed, it will make a brief to restart. Try not to restart now. This will reset winsock settings.
  4. · ipconfig/flushdns This summon help in flushing the putaway DNS store.
  5. · Restart PC and check if the issue is settled.
  6. Attempt this stride in the event that despite everything you have the same issue.
  7. · Turn off your PC and afterward kill the modem and switch (if present). Keep it killed for 5mts. The force is killed for 5mts to ensure the force is depleted out totally and guarantee appropriate reset of settings.
  8. · Presently turn it on and check if the issue is altered.
  9. In the event that the issue is still not settled, attempt the progressions beneath.
  10. · Press Windows Key + R. In the run window, sort ncpa.cpl. This will open system associations
  11. · right snap area, then snap properties.
  12. · Select Internet convention version(TCP/IPv4), then snap properties
  13. Select web convention, select “utilize the accompanying DNS server address”
  14. change DNS server location to worldwide DNS quality given underneath
  15. Favored
  16. Exchange (You can likewise utilize Google’s DNS location favored and interchange
  17. Check if the issue is altered. Changing the Preferred and Alternate error, for the most part, settle the majority of the cases.

Instructions to alter a DNS Server Not Responding Error in light of a defiled security

Security programming is another significant guilty party in charge of DNS Server Not Responding error or DNS server cannot be found. Each security programming has a tendency to get undermined over a timeframe for reasons extending from record debasement while upgrading documents, clashes with other programming or roundabout changes to security settings as an after-effect of deliberate or inadvertent changes made on your PC. This may bring about the security programming to square web association.

1) Disable security programming particularly the firewall settings. At that point check if the issue is settled.

If not take after the following step

2) Check if the web works fine in experimental mode with systems administration

Experimental mode is an investigating mode which permits just the vital working framework documents and drivers to load. In the protected mode with systems administration, aside from the fundamental OS records and drivers, system driver is additionally stacked which empower web connection.

The rationale – If the web association works fine in experimental mode with networking, then outsider administrations or driver is in charge of the issue by obstructing the web association. If the issue is still not altered, then it may be some other issue.

How to begin PC in protected mode with systems administration?

  • Closed down the PC,
  • Turn it on. When the screen presentations, continue tapping F8 key persistently on the console
  • Select “Protected Mode with Networking” (If you use USB drive for web association, it won’t fill in as USB drivers won’t get stacked in experimental mode with systems administration)

Check the web association. In the event that the association works fine, restart the PC normally.Configure security programming legitimately to permit web association.

(Note: In certain cases, if the security programming is harmed hopeless impairing or reconfiguring it won’t work. I very prescribe uninstalling the security software.Make beyond any doubt to re-introduce it)

DNS server not reacting indicating just for a few sites

Now and then the error message happens to just a few sites. Obviously, you can check if the site being referred to is working using www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com or http://downorisitjustme.com. Be that as it may consider the possibility that this is occurring on power sites like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. You can’t anticipate that these sites will be down and it happens infrequently.

The arrangement said beneath is basic and it worked exceptionally well for me. I apologize for not having any consistent clarification to why this error happens just to a few sites. You are constantly welcome to share your insight on this. Let’s know more about open DNS server unavailable, what is my DNS server and also the DNS server is not responding.

  • Open ncpa.cpl from Start tab. Open system associations
  • Right snap neighborhood, then snap properties
  • Select Internet convention version(TCP/IPv4), then snap properties
  • Select web convention, select “utilize the accompanying DNS server address”
  • Change DNS server location to worldwide DNS quality given beneath
  • Favored DNS Server
  • Exchange DNS Server

Giving the worldwide DNS ought to settle the issue. Now and again, this arrangement may be provisional as the error message may return following a week or month (This transpired). The trap now is to uproot the worldwide DNS and backtrack to choose “acquire DNS server address naturally”.

At that point If it happens once more, change it to worldwide DNS. Exchanging between substitute DNS server location and programmed DNS server ought to settle the issue.

Different answers for strive for DNS Server Not Responding(If aforementioned strategies come up short)

This arrangement works for remote association issuesStart – > control board – > system and sharing focus – > change connector settings on the left side – > Disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter,

If present. If Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is not present in the area, go to gadget supervisor and debilitate it. Begin – > Run – >Type devmgmt.msc – >Click View tab – >Select Show Hidden gadgets – >Expand Network Adapters – > Disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, if presentCheck the status

Disable Internet Protocol Version 6

Begin – > Run – > Type ncpa.cpl – > Right snap “Area” or your present association – >Select Properties – > Uncheck “Web Protocol Version 6”.Restart and check the status.

Framework restores highlight empower you to restore your PC to a past date and time when the PC was working fine. I once in a while prescribe framework restore as an answer in light of the fact that more often than not framework restore simply veil the genuine issue and give an impermanent arrangement.


In any case, considering the way that you attempted all the above steps and none altered the DNS server isn’t responding windows 7 issue, take a stab at doing a framework restore to a date when the web was working fine on your PC.

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