Your connection is not private chrome Fixed

While the user goes on using the system or device with internet connectivity, sometimes it may have a chance to get lost the connection. So your connection is not private chrome fix and the reason for making the distance of system with losing the connection will be only unfortunate and unexpected issue.

The connection is going to lose in various positions and situations whereas the system has been undertaken the operation by various other users such as entering the password, messages session and credit card fields then the automatic loss of connection will occur at spot instant of time.

This system connection is not private and this is occurring as similar for repeated times at Google chrome browser then system owner will get irritated by facing the same problem for a couple of times. This problem will occur when the user is going to using the session of a web browser for getting into various sections.

Now a day’s keep the documents and information with the personal category is mandatory and this is the foremost things that need to be done with the person of such devices. Cybercrime and Internet fraud are most usual things that are under running status at present days.

So please move your eye towards securing the privacy and maintaining the details under protective way. Once the error message as your connection is not private then the user needs to take a step forward by fixing the error as earlier as they can.

One user got the same message by displaying on the screen then the assurance of error leads to getting the attack to broken the privacy data from web portal .

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  Your connection is not private chrome

How Your connection is not private chrome will occur?

By making a request with a programming language as NET::ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID and wait until the completion of loading procedure. This request will be able to find the reason that why the system has been met with such error and will also provide the suggestion reading the issue by making the steps providing officially with a brief description.

This is basically an SSL error that is nothing but secure sockets layer that is going to used by the version of the web site to allow the information with secured level. The SSL error occurs at Google chrome then this was described as the internet connection is not private that was under protection in chrome at loading session with privacy and secure manner.

This problem will be caused by attackers to the device in such as way that misconfiguration of loading page will take place. So This is an SSL connection error and the same meaning is going to consider the sentence your connection is not private.

Why It will Occur?

There are huge reasons and causes for SSL error appearance and the meaning at last from all the situation will be approximately same Let us look out the reasons why this problem is going to undertake. Lets know morw about How do you get past your connection is not private? and more in next.

Duplicate Certificate Interference:

From the team of the third party, we are allowed to take the certification which was issued team of the third party. The certificate for used tools and devices in the system are genuine and it is going to provide the proof of identity that is nothing but certificate creation.

It was not at all a critical job for users to design the certificate and Google Chrome is going to start testing the certificate by grasping the identification from the well-known organization. If in case of not accessing the certificates are nor recognized from original organization then Google chrome will get promote their accessibility.

Certificate was expired:

More over received certificate for system should be expired some day and the user needs to check the information and should follow the steps to get into suggestion links.

If the certificate was n tot at the stage of updated range then this error will definitely occur. So please check out the expiry date of certificate regularly and allot up to date Google chrome accessibility certification.

Browser Connection was Not Secured:

The makeover connection was not yet linked up with the browser and web site and the connection needs to be secured range by having the combined structure of browser and website. So make the connection securable and perfect then remove the error with the careful follow up of instructions.

How to Fix Your connection is not Private error:

To erase the default that the connection is not private will get erased with the follow up of these steps carefully. Now check out the problem and male the solution with providing private insurance to erase the problems. As a first thing, the user needs to check out whether the connection is available or not?

Then make the conclusion if having the connection then continue the procedure by having the official follow up to these steps. When we are going to browse the web portal, it will stop by showing the message as no internet connection then that is nothing but the error was not private.

Method 1: Check out Time and Date:

For most of the times, the user will get the problem of occurrence of an error while the date and time in the device are not fixed. There is no problem placed if the date of modified will be before than the original date but the problem will get raise up if the date and time are specified fast as two to three days.

Then at those situations, the user will definitely go through the problems. And the date which was duplicate will be allowed the reach the errors.

Method 2: Presence of Antivirus.

In case of no change in original time period then those candidates are allowed to happen by considering the status of downloaded antivirus. The privacy error will take place by making the alert as your connection is nor private. Then the supposed solution for such problem will be updating the errors with up to date formatting steps.

As the user has been at the stage of using Antivirus then they need to get into HTTPS scanning and then slowly move towards settings. Make the selection of Active Protection then goes with web shield and then choose to customize. At last, make the optional enable HTTPS scanning to finish the process successfully.

Users have gone through Bitdefender antivirus then they are suggested with different steps to follow that will help to fix this error. This is best option to have perfect real-time security and original privacy standard to turn the working that is to do properly.

Now get into Interference through going with Settings and option will get appear right top corner of antivirus sector. Go to settings and choose Privacy control then go with Antiphishing tab and now make the turn off the scan at SSL Standard.

Method 3: Clean Up Google Chrome Browser:

This is the optional one and that is used for a rare time while the system goes through attacked with a connection was not private. So as an initial task, users need to make the follow up of chrome browser by making a click on cleaning the junk.

  • Go with settings at Google chrome and choose the sub-option as advanced settings.

advanced settings

  • From this select clear browsing data which was listed under the session of privacy options.

clear browsing data

  • Then, at last, make the finishing of the problem by making the reset of devices by login to advance settings.
  • Advanced settings will be used at rare and important foremost cases only.

Method 4: Warning Protection:

  • Get into chrome://flags addressed web page and enter.
  • Scroll down the page and choose to remember decisions to proceed along SSL errors to have a specified length of time.
  • Find out menu by making the page downwards and make a wish into desired settings.

Warning Protection

  • Then next Go with the Advanced setting and proceed with web site link.
  • By finishing all these steps perfectly then they will get interrupted with Google chrome browser an error message from an alert list is going to erased permanently.

Fix Connection is not Private error on Android:

If there is an assurance of the alert message as your connection is nor private then make a search through web browsers and can now easily find out the solution for met problem easily.

  1. Get into and make a load of this page wait for a while.
  2. Then the connection lost is going to erase after few successful attempts of default settings.
  3. At the back end make the find out of results as net::err_cert_authority_invalid the search for various methods.
  4. Now the error will get fixed at a single instant.

Your connection is not private in android


By illustrating the complete problem erasing methods, it can say that the procedure was easy and the fix the connection is not private at Google Chrome web browser will get successful at last by making the successful follow up of steps without missing anything.

Make the practical appearance of these steps and you can choose any of the methods of your choice and make the finishing end by fixing the errors. There is also a possible way to fix the error in Android device will go through few number of steps and at last, the results will be a positive way.

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