Fix System service exception windows 10/8.1/7

System service exception for the devices running using windows 10 are considered as death error which is appeared with blue screen. System service exception windows 10 mostly happen. While system goes on to internal check out with error code that is 0x0000003B and system faced this error will cause to get into various problems.

This directly stops the operation of any tasks through system process. System service with blue screen appearance is strongly defined as the error that is generally called as BSOD.

BSOD is the blue screen of death error which will have a chance to place in many systems and there are various types are available in BSOD such as system service exception in windows. So whenever the user system met with such error.

There is a need to try their level hard and best to erase the problem by implementing perfect solution regarding the issue. Mostly technical session miss running way leads to have system service exception in the device.

So if the system is well perfect accomplished with technical interference then they we can surely say that there is no chance for system service exception. This error will takes place in few versions such as windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1.

  System service exception windows 10

What is System Service?

What is System Service Exception? System service is a type of functionality that can be able to load the session instantly without giving any input. This program will takes place while operating system will support the initial process and running tasks, through well support given by various tasks that are going to grasp through operating system.

The programming representation of system service exception will be illustrated as ks.sys and the error will occur repeatedly if the user does not take the end properly.

By placing old version of drivers in the system, that leads to have system service exception error or antivirus expiry will also leads to the system to go to such error and clone drive presence will directs system service error as per available previous records. All these reasons for this error are going to erase through each individual fair out with straightening to trouble shoot.

To fix system service exception error, users need to do an initial common method that will help the users to have successful results ahead. As first navigate the option called settings and choose updates and security in that. Otherwise go to control panel and get into perfect and steps which are listed order wise in the management section.

As pre-our possession there is a before precautions are mandatory and better to the system do not having such problem at last. If the user goes on neglecting such sessions, of scanning, updates check out and refreshing the portal, erasing the recycle bin files and data as their daily task.

If the customers goes through such steps and process regularly without making any delay then they are not allowed to get in to the risk of your personal computer and that will definitely at safe by moving away from all such problem.

Taking a risk about solving the problem with good solution is very tough and time taking task. So it is better to be careful than to be have tension at the time of system gone through errors and running struck up. Go through our suggestions even from now onwards and collect the details and tips which are going to useful to get rid of all related problems in the device.

When will System service Exception Occur?

What causes system service exception error? While the user of the particular system going to play a video game or going through editing tools from settings, or using any motion then this problem will happen automatically. For random intervals of time, the user goes on using such programs then there is a chance for this error in the device.

Among those reasons there are few more causes are there to appear system service exception instantly. Expiry drivers, Corrupted Driver, System file corruption also directed to occur such errors on the PC.

Why will System Service Exception occur?

Due to a huge number of problems included in the system will leads to cause for system service exception in the device. Below instructed points are going to lead the error for system service exception.

  • If there is a program for protected system file erase will get corrupted.
  • Google Update service automatic functionality will stop then that will leads to having this error.
  • Status of assembled drivers in the system.
  • Repeated usage of video drivers.
  • Memory back up was weak then that will effect antivirus, security and antispyware applications functionality.
  • System struck up with pending updates.

How to fix System service exception windows 10?

How do I fix system service exception in Windows 10? Due to occupation of any of those causes into the system then that will made a capability to stop the operation of device for any task by showing error message on the screen continuously.

There is no direct one-step solution for erasing this error. Here we are given the information with various methods which will help the user to get rid from such solutions.

Method 1: Windows Update

There is a collection of updates and solving solutions for such problem and those gathering concern will be known as a service pack and it will use to get the operating system or software programming way and status.

  • Check into Control Panel then click on System.
  • Now Go for sub-option Service Pack.
  • All patched and fixes are going to appear in windows update at windows.
  • Now check whether the system has been installed the version or not.
  • Go through settings again and click on updates and security.

Updates & security

  • From that go for Check Updates.
  • Then the resultant information will be given by the system about the error.
  • If an error occurs then search out the solution in a proper way.

Method 2: Run System File Checker

  • Go through start Menu button.
  • Type cmd in the search box.
  • Now, look out the list of options.
  • Make a right click on command prompt.
  • Then select Run as administrator.
  • In command prompt box, type chkdsk/f/r.

Run as administrator

  • Press enter.
  • Press Y and check out for another move.
  • Now system file checker will recognize the repairs.
  • Then go on fixing sectors and search for the hard disk.

Method 3: Should Update Graphics drivers

The physical appearance of system service error will be like the blue screen on the desktop of PC and the graphics drivers are already met with an accident of problem. Then there are two methods to update graphic drivers in the system.

  • Go for Manual updates via device manager.
  • Search for device manager and select the location of Display adapters.
  • Then choose to expand and start it.
  • Go to right click and select properties from sub-options.
  • From properties box, Go through Driver section and click on update driver.
  • Now go with the option search automatically for updated driver software.
  • And wait for a while and go for update option.


  • This process of the update is required at once for each driver.
  • So, you need to repeat for all available number of card drivers in the system and finish the update.


  • Now scan the device by driver easy application and observe the status.
  • If again there is any requirement for update session go on doing such task.
  • And at last finish all updates.

If you do not have patience and work out capability then directly go for the purchase of application that will have validation over one month or thirty days.

Method 4: Remove Antivirus Software

  • Go through McAfee, Virtual Clone Drive antivirus applications.
  • If not present then go for installation of such apps.
  • Go through support websites of those.
  • Then make them disable once scanning was finished.
  • Or uninstall the application and remove permanently.
  • Now check out the status of the problem.
  • At max, that problem will get erase shortly.

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At last we can say that all given procedures will get implemented practically and results in positive way for whatever you are doing the operation. Choosing the method, it up to your choice and making it practical way is very important.

Do better as much as you can and hope for best results in the task. There is no change in resultant option from all of these methods, but the steps included in each method was varied with few changes.

Whatever may be the steps and how long they are is issue but more over entire all methods targeted thing is to fix system service exception as better. As first go through all methods and make them understand in practical way. Then think for while about the process and take a minute to choose the best from all.

Use these methods and make the system to be run fast as before without any problem. Be in visit with our web site for more problems whenever you needed the solution.

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